Taymara is a maritime Charity established in 2007, when we began working with the Charity their annual turnover was £21,000 and in the 3 short years since then we have managed to secure £237,000 for them in grant funding. The funding has enabled them to expand their operation including funding the refurbishment of a 37ton motor launch and the purchase of two Ridged-Hulled Inflatable Boats.

Business Planning

Until 2012 Taymara operated ad hoc trips for a wide variety of beneficiaries.  We helped them with their Business Planning to review their priorities and focus, recognising the reasons and need for their services and the target clients which gave them the most satisfaction in serving. This new strategy and focus has helped them to deliver services to terminally ill children, develop a strong prisoner rehabilitation programme and a long-term service assisting people with disabilities to develop skills and qualifications which will help them enter into employment.


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