We are equipped to help our clients with many issues, but fundraising consultancy lies at the core of our expertise.

As an organisation you may have applied for funding in the past, successfully or otherwise, but are you aware of the full expanse of funding sources which support your activities or plans and have you checked whether funders rules have changed? Do you know exactly what funders are looking for in the application process? Have you adequately developed and maintained the appropriate organisational structure and systems that will satisfy funders requirements. Can you convince them that you can manage their funds and deliver the outcomes you propose? Do you know what you can do as an organisation to attract funding?

These are just some of the thoughts you need to consider. If you don’t feel confident that you have all the answers to these questions then it could affect your chance of success.

Ask us how we can help, it won’t cost you a thing and we even offer a free face to face consultation with no strings attached, should you wish to discuss matters further.

Securing the maximum funding available can enable your organisation to grow and give you the resources necessary to achieve your goals.

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